Teacher Reference Books

‘Teaching  Phonics in Context’, co-authored with David Hornsby. This book describes how the teaching and  learning of sound/letter patterns occurs in holistic learning programs.

Published by NCTE  for the USA and Canada, and by Pearson Australia for Australia and other world territories.



‘Writing to Live: How to Teach Writing for Today’s World’



Reading to Live: How to Teach Reading for Today’s World’


‘One foot propelling her through practice, the other through theory, Lorraine Wilson moves in a single direction – away from the idea that reading and writing are ends in themselves, and thus things to be learned because we (as authorities and teachers) say so, and toward the view that reading and writing are tools for communication, learning, enjoyment, and personal insight, the means to help us live our lives more productively, more honestly, more graciously, and with greater personal satisfaction. Hence her prophetic title Reading to Live. Food may be the fuel for our bodies, but reading- and the ideas, emotions, and insights we encounter in the process – is the fuel for our hearts, souls and minds. Fittingly you will find this book to be a delectable treat for your teacherly soul!

David Pearson

Read to Live

They say,
we are what we eat.
I say,
we are what we read.
Think for a moment.
List all you have read
This past week.
Your list tells about

your work
your home
your family
your friends
your worries
your dreams
your hobbies
your passions
your compassion.

Your list tells about you.
I say,
We are
What we read.
We read to live.

Lorraine Wilson