Complete List of Published Books


Wilson,L, Write Me A Sign, Thomas Nelson, Australia, 1979.

Wilson,L. About City Kids, Thomas Nelson Australia, 1980.

Wilson,L.& Scarffe, B. You Can’t Make A Book In A Day,  Robert Andersen and Associates, Melbourne,1988.

Gilmour,H.Scott,J. Tyrer,D.Wilson,L & Worladge, H. Getting Started; Resources For First Year Primary Teachers,1978,Self-Published.

Getting Started With Themes; Transport, 1979, S.P.

Getting Started With Themes; Colour, 1980, S.P.

Getting Started With Themes; Clothing, 1981,S.P.

Getting Started With Themes; Shape, 1983,S.P.

(All Getting Started with Themes titles co-authored by Gilmour,H. Scott,J. Tyrer,D. Wilson,L & Worladge,H.)

Gilmour, G. Scott, J. Tyrer, D. Wilson,L & Worladge,H. Six Of The Best; A Practical Guide For Developing Co-operative Classroom Behaviour,Robert Andersen and Associates, 1990.

Wilson,L Malmgren, D. Ramage,S. and Schulz,L.An Integrated Approach To Learning, Robert Andersen and Associates, 1991.

Wilson,L. Write Me A Poem, Eleanor Curtain Publishing, Melbourne,1994.

Wilson,L. Reading To Live: How To Teach Reading For Today’s World, Heinemann, US,2002.

Wilson,L. Writing To Live: How To Teach Writing For Today’s World, Heinemann,US, 2006

Hornsby,D @ Wilson,L. Teaching Phonics in Context, National Council of Teachers of English, Illinois,U.S.A. 2010, &,Pearson, Melbourne, Aus.



Wilson,L. City Kids,(60 titles), Thomas Nelson Australia, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1986.

Wilson,L. Country Kids, (48 titles). Thomas Nelson Australia, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1987.

Wilson,L. Footy Kids,(12 titles) Thomas Nelson Australia, 1982.

Wilson,L. Footy Kids,(12 titles) Thomas Nelson Australia,  1984.

Wilson,L. Champions,(6 titles) Thomas Nelson Australia, 1984.

Wilson,L Fire Fighters,(6 titles) Martin Educational with Snowball and Andersen, 1986.

Wilson,L. Police,(10 titles) Thomas Nelson Australia, 1989.

Wilson,L. My Mum Has False Teeth And Other Stories, Thomas Nelson Australia,1990.

Wilson,L. The Lift-Off Kids,(4 titles),Mammoth Australia,1992.

Wilson,L. I Have Two Dads, C.I.S. Publishers, Melbourne, 1995

Wilson,L. I Speak Two Languages, C.I.S. Publishers, Melbourne,1995

Wilson,L. Footy Kids, (16 titles) Cardigan St.Publishers, Melbourne, 1995,

Wilson, L. Footy Kids, (16 titles) Cardigan St Publishers, 1996.

Wilson,L. James And Jessie Books,(4 titles) Cardigan St. Publishers, 1995.

Wilson,L. The Best Of City Kids,(20 TITLES), Nelson ITP, Australia,1997.

Wilson,L. New City Kids,(10 titles), Nelson ITP, Australia, 1997.

Wilson,L. On Grandaddy’s Knee, Self Published, 2015.

Wilson,L. I Have Two Dads, Self Published, 2015