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Lorraine grew up in Northern Victoria and attended one-teacher rural schools as a child. She always loved to read but had no real interest in writing until much later, when she was deputy principal of a large inner city Melbourne school, Helen St Northcote.

She has written many books for children including City Kids, Country Kids and Footy Kids Series. Today she combines education consultancy and writing, for children and teachers.


New Books

I Have Two Dads

This is a new edition of a much loved book. Today, a family may have a Mum and a Dad. It may not. It may have two Mums. It may have one Mum and two Dads as portrayed in this story. The children in this book feel lucky to have two Dads, both of whom, love them.

Review of “I Have Two Dads”

New Books

On Grandaddy’s Knee

‘On Grandaddy’s Knee’, a collection of delightful poems written for children aged 3 -8 years. The poems can be read aloud by parents, or read by the children themselves. Some of the poems are humorous such as ‘My Little Sister’s Voice’, while others explore family relationships –‘New Baby Brother’ and ‘Poppy Died’.